Vertical blinds

Straight up advice from us?

Vertical blinds are a perfect solution for large areas of glass. You can enjoy the view from your window when you want to or choose privacy and sun protection when you need it.

They are a reliable choice because they are durable and easy to look after as each louvre can be cleaned easily and replaced individually if necessary.

What are they made of?

Our handmade vertical blinds are crafted from flexible strips of fabric which are attached to a simple track mechanism.

We have lots of colours and designs to choose from to suit your décor.

We recommend vertical blinds for:

  • Large projects with smaller budget
  • Patio doors
  • Large windows
  • privacy at night and light control during the daytime

How much are we talking for these?

The price of your vertical blind will depend on the size and your choice of fabric, but to give you a clue, this type of blind generally starts from £65 +vat

See something you fancy?

Simply call Lucas or Chris on 01943 619810 to arrange a free home visit to discuss what you need. We’ll measure the windows, show you fabrics and give you a competitive quotation.

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